Quithinking is a light weight and easy-to-use directory platform dedicating to enhance college experience by providing exclusive insights and discounts to college students. We encourage students to engage with their college community and support their local business owners. In addition, Quithinking has its own scouting teams visiting local businesses and comes up with their recommendations. Whether you are local business owners or college students starting new businesses in the area, Quithinking is a great platform for you to reach your customers with minimum efforts.

Just like you, we are a group of college students passionate about everything we see everyday. We LOVE exploring our college neighborhood and engaging with the community. Every college town is unqiue, and we all know amazing people providing wonderful services that make our college life so memorable. Join us today and let’s discover all the hidden gems of our college communities.

The internet belongs to the people. It should be decentralized and free. People behind the Quithinking quit thinking about generating revenue from information sharing. Please join us and let’s create the best directory platform for the community and the people.

Our team visits local business anonymously whenever a new recommendation is submitted. We hand pick the best ones and present you with the highest quality.



Whether you are student or small business owner, list what you have and get what you want. We are here to connect you.




Your wonderful idea or service should let everyone in your neighborhood know easily. Quithinking is more than a platform but a community. We want people to share ideas with minimum effort and truly free.




With great student discounts, we encourage students to support local businesses in their college neighborhood.



Quithinking not only cares about the listing authenticity, but also puts your digital security at the top priority. With double protections provided by Mcafee and Securi, your information is safe with us.



Quithinking is a proud member of the Internet Defense League. We believe in and will always defend net neutrality, as we promise our users that all of our services are free to use.